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Physiotherapy isn’t a treatment. It’s a profession where there are many options for how to achieve your goals. 

It’s so common to hear friends, acquaintances and patients talk about how they they have tried physio and it didn’t do much for them. 

The challenge of private healthcare (not just physio) is that sometimes the incentives and and realities of running a profitable business lead to decisions that are in the best interest of the bottom line rather than patient outcomes. 

Our commitment at ADPT is to treat every patient the way that we would want our own mothers to be treated.  

Given a diagnosis, a clear plan and transparent options about what interventions are available for short and long term results. 

When booking in, there are three treatment options:


Physio supervised personal training

Remedial/sports massage

Below is a booklet outlining the services and resources available at ADPT Physio.

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