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Join the free Facebook group where you can post your rehab, prehab and recovery practices daily to be rewarded with free treatments, discounts and prizes. 

The hope is that this helps people develop the habit of consistency with the exercises and behaviours that keep you performing at your best while staying injury free.

You do not need to be a patient at ADPT Physio to join. 

You do not need to be acutely injured now.

You may, like me, be able to take part in the exercise or sport you want, but notice your niggles become limiting when you push yourself.

Or, you may have decided you just won’t do certain sports or exercises because of fear of injury. This group is here to help you prepare for anything.

How do I get started?

  1. Click this link to go to the Facebook group
  2. Answer the questions and accept the group rules after asking to join the Facebook group
  3. Check the intro guides in the featured posts to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. If you have any questions reach out at – [email protected] or by calling 0457 209 972

What is it? 

A solution to the biggest problem in physiotherapy..

The most common answer I get when I ask patients if they have been to a physiotherapist, chiro or osteo before is “Yes, I was given a bunch of stretches and exercises… I did them for a couple of days and then stopped. My injury gradually got better. But, I still have niggles whenever I do X.”

It’s such a known fact that patients don’t do their exercises that during my Doctor of Physiotherapy degree, one of the first things that we were taught was that patients will never do the exercises or action the advice that you give them. We were then told that it’s not their fault – it’s up to us as health practitioners to figure out a solution.

Many clinics take this approach: We assume that you won’t do the exercises at home, so we’ll rebook you at least 8 times to make sure you come in and get the work done – no matter what the injury. Then, ideally, get them to continue coming in indefinitely for maintenance.

8 times is not an exaggeration. This was the KPI (key performance indicator) for a very successful physio clinic I interviewed at when starting out.

This clinic gets great results for their clients. They can track progress, give progressions to exercises, answer questions & remove the need for patients to hold themselves accountable.

It’s a great business model. Patients get better, they feel looked after and the clinic makes lots of money.

However, this is not how I wanted to work as a physio. I respect that it works well for plenty of patients and businesses but I felt like there had to be a different way to empower people like you to have the knowledge and habits to achieve amazing long-term results without trying to convince you to spend $900+ every time you to injure yourself to make my business viable. 

Before I was a physio, I was a frequently injured competitive athlete and I felt a bit burned by that business model at times. 

So for my own business, my thought was: I will give people as much advice and information as possible in one session and let them loose on the world. Confident that they understood the plan and would see it through until they were injury free at back to doing what they love.

Spoilers: It did not work. What actually happened was I overloaded my patients with too much information, while they would smile and nod. Then, they would do their exercises a few times, follow some of the other advice for a week or two then go back to doing what they used to do before coming to see me.. or worse – avoid doing the activity they wanted to get back to all together.  

I also felt overwhelmed with how much I was trying to fit into one appointment. I always went over time found it hard to do enough individual follow up to ensure my patients were putting everything into practice.

I have been racking my brains about how to make a viable business model that gives my patients the best possible results, at great value while attracting the type of patients I love working with.



My initial idea was to make this idea was to make this group a subscription of $10 a week. But, I really want this group to grow and for money not to be a barrier, so I have decided to make it free.

If you find the group valuable, telling your friends, family or colleagues would be greatly appreciated. 

How does it work?

If you are anything like me, you have the motivation to train hard but never get around to doing the not-so-exciting rehab and prehab exercises you know you should do.

The aim of this group is to hold you accountable and help you build a sustainable habit of doing what you need to do to function at your best, pain and injury free.

This group is my solution to help you reach your goals and to give you plenty of guidance and support without making you re-book every time you have a question.

There will be feedback on each post in the group to not only help you with your knowledge and technique but also to share rehab principles that will help everyone in the group. 

If you choose to, you can also get a daily email from me to remind you do do your exercises. It will probably become annoying. But, star it and flag it as important. You have made a commitment to do what you need to do for your body and I will help you get there.

By being a part of this group, you have the chance to win 60 minutes of a service ADPT Physio offers EVERY week.
That includes:
Physio Consult
Remedial Massage
Strength Technique Optimisation Session
Running Assessment Session
Physio Supervised Personal Train
Exercise Programming Session
Online Physio Consult

The winner will be drawn via a virtual raffle every Friday at 5pm.

How to get raffle tickets:

1 ticket: Liking a group member’s post.
2 tickets: Encouraging comment on a group members post.
10 tickets: Sharing a post of what you did that day*.
20 tickets: Intention post* at the beginning of the week to say what you plan to work on.
20 tickets (once off): Introduction to the group post explaining what your goals are.
30 tickets: For every friend, colleague, teammate or family member you refer (see the footer of emails for a referral link or send a link to the group).
50 tickets (once off): For leaving an honest review on the ADPT Physio Google and Facebook pages –
If you keep a daily post streak going for 4 weeks in a row, you get a 10% voucher for any service.
Tickets reset at the beginning of each week.

I will also be hosting a live Q&A in the group each Wednesday at 2pm Sydney time where you can get any training or injury management question answered.

I am very excited about this group as I really do think it will get great results at a fraction of the price of the regular physio/chiro/osteo business model for the people who make the most of it.

Just remember, the goal of this group is not to foster an injury identity where you feel like you are forced to sub out your regular training with rehab/prehab indefinitely. It’s here to help you function at peak performance and pain free by consistently doing the things that are often brushed aside once an injury is not longer acute.

To be very clear: This group does not replace the need to ever see a physio – If you have not been diagnosed with your injury, do not have a clear plan of what you should be doing or have plateaued in your recovery – book in to see a physio. You must also read the guide on when you NEED to see a physio or a doctor.

I have looked online and I can not find anyone else doing this for physio so it may not be 100% smooth at all times and I may have to change how it works as we go but if you if you have any questions about it or suggestions – please email [email protected] or call on 0457 209 972

*The point of this group is to incentivise doing the rehab and prehab exercises, so while I definitely encourage celebrating wins with hard workouts and events – they do not count towards points as we are trying to incentivise the things you don’t currently do.

If you do not feel comfortable sharing on Facebook, there is the option to post anonymously.

How do I get started?

  1. Click this link to go to the Facebook group
  2. Answer the questions and accept the group rules after asking to join the Facebook group
  3. Check the intro guides in the featured posts to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Reach out if you have any questions via the messaging function in the Trainerize app, [email protected] or by calling 0457 209 972