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Physiotherapy isn’t a treatment. It’s a profession where there are many options for how to achieve your goals. 

It’s so common to hear friends, acquaintances and patients talk about how they they have tried physio and it didn’t do much for them. 

The challenge of private healthcare (not just physio) is that sometimes the incentives and and realities of running a profitable business lead to decisions that are in the best interest of the bottom line rather than patient outcomes. 

Our commitment at ADPT is to treat every patient the way that we would want our own mothers to be treated.  

Given a diagnosis, a clear plan and transparent options about what interventions are available for short and long term results. 


There are lots of North Sydney physio practices. But most are in office style spaces that give you limited access to rehab equipment. 

The clinic is inside the Body By Brando gym at 20 Berry St in North Sydney. 

Our clinic space is directly off the gym floor, meaning we are able to utilise all the space and equipment of the gym. 

This fits with our goal of wanting to provide you with a rehab program you enjoy doing and to teach you enough about strength and conditioning so you won’t get injured again.

The Team

Phil White 

My physio journey started as a patient. I played 11 years of Ultimate Frisbee at an international level. Unfortunately, I became known as “that injured guy” as I could never seem to get my body right. Despite near-endless treatments with varied health professionals.

This frustration sparked a passion in me to understand successful athletic performance.

Now that I have finished a Diploma of Remedial Massage, an Exercise and Sports Science Degree and a Doctor of Physiotherapy I have found my dream career. But, it wasn’t only the formal education that has informed the way I now work.

Throughout my university education, I have also kept up my own athletic pursuits. Beach volleyball, surfing, triathlons and plenty of time at the gym has given me personal experience in preparing my body for many different styles of sport.

During this time I have been very fortunate to work with and learn from incredible strength coaches. My time at Unity Gym and with Sebastian Oreb (AKA @AustralianStrengthCoach) at Base gym has given me a level of practical knowledge that I feel so many physios lack.

I spent six years working with the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL club, where I met Nalesh. Between this and the many professional athletes I worked with in my clinic, I got to see first hand what is involved in elite sports injury rehab.

Being able to condense, clarify and pass on what I have learnt is endlessly fulfilling and energising.


I also have strong feelings about how physiotherapy should be taught and practised. As anyone who has listened to me rant on The Sound Of Movement Podcast would know. I am very fortunate to be working on a project with Trish Wisbey – Roth addressing this. You can find out more at The Physio Accelerator.

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